ePropulsion | Electric Outboard
ePropulsion Technology Limited, founded in 2012 and based in Hong Kong, is a new provider of clean outboard motor. We are dedicated to manufacturing new electric outboards with high performance and designing clean power system for boats.
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Enjoying the ride without pollution. ePropulsion always takes the social responsibility of environmental protection. Our electric outboards take a solution for zero-emission eco-friendly boating. We aim to develop a sustainable boat power system with energy harvesting system in the future.


Innovating in electric power engineering. ePropulsion specializes in innovation and technology by increasing the stability and efficiency of key components such as motor, controller and propeller. Our well optimized outboards can achieve a maximum overall efficiency of 55% and provide large thrust power and long operating time.

User Experience

Inspiring perfect life experience. ePropulsion is dedicated to delivering the best quality electric outboards with reasonable price. We seek innovative design, fine art refinement, well construction details of each one for you to create excellent user experience.